Rolla ROI: Factor in strategic incentives

In a top state for business, a region ready to custom-enhance your advantages: Missouri is a state that believes in business, in the power of business to make life better for all. That’s why when a Missouri business makes good, that business is going to take home more, thanks to a tax environment designed for growth.

Missouri offers the nation’s:

  • 4th best corporate income tax index
  • 7th best property tax index
  • 12th best unemployment insurance tax index

In fact, Missouri offers a better tax climate than most of its neighbors, including Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Oklahoma. Missouri’s array of nearly a dozen significant financial incentives includes:

  • MissouriWorks: For qualified job creators, retention of withholding tax or tax credit that is transferrable, refundable and/or saleable.
  • Sales tax exemptions for qualified manufacturers
  • Industrial infrastructure grants, up to $2 million or $20,000 per job created.

To Missouri’s powerful incentives package, Phelps County adds attractive enhancements that translate into higher dividends for locating industry. Phelps County fosters success by allowing business to:

Put down roots on FREE land

At the St. James industrial Park, businesses that create eight jobs or more may qualify for land at no cost.

Get a stronger start with breakthrough bond financing

Qualified business and industry is up and running faster with Chapter 100 and Chapter 349 Industrial Bond Financing. Subject to council approval, bond financing can create significant reductions in interest rates over conventional financing and may even eliminate ad valorem real and personal property taxes.

Grow faster with Enhanced Enterprise Zone benefits

The majority of the area inside Rolla’s city limits and all of the area inside St. James city limits, as well as several square miles to the east and the west, are designated as Enhanced Enterprise Zones, offering qualified business and industry substantial tax abatements.

The abatements vary by city but begin with a 50% abatement for a period of up to 10 years for qualified companies that create two full-time jobs with an investment of $100,000. Create more jobs, or create pay above the County average, and additional abatement incremental benefits accrue, beginning with a 5% additional abatement all the way to a possible 25% additional abatement for additional 10 years.

Add in the area’s low-cost environment, and it’s clear Phelps County is the right choice, not just for faster return on investment, but also for long-term growth and profitability.

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