A “move-in ready” market built for value and satisfaction.

What makes the perfect real estate market? Start with low costs, high quality and excellent selection, all on a solid economic foundation. That’s the Phelps County blueprint: All the key elements for value and satisfaction are present and as perfectly joined as the mitered corner of master craftsman.

Buy more with less

With an attractive cost of living that’s just 88.5% of the national average, and with phenomenally attractive housing costs just 66.9% of the national average, Phelps County opens more doors and more options. New home construction averages between $100 and $125 per square foot, while a beautiful, well-built three-bedroom, two-bath home averages approximately $150,000. In Phelps County, expansive wooded city settings also allow residents to enjoy serene natural surroundings without sacrificing “in-town” conveniences.

A solid foundation for value

A real-estate investment in Phelps County means pride and satisfaction of ownership, first of all, but it also means an assurance of stability in a market that rests on the foundation of a robust economy underpinning the region with solid, balanced growth. National and local entities like Fort Leonard Wood, now a U.S. Army Center of Excellence; Missouri S&T; and Phelps County Regional Medical Center—not to mention a thriving and diverse industrial base—secure your investment and assure resale value.

A foundation for the future

Of course, real estate values also depend on excellent schools, like Rolla’s award-winning Pre-12 system that innovates as it educates, and St. James’ Pre-12 system, providing leading-edge technology for tomorrow’s learning. While the Rolla Technical institute serves more than 1,600 high school and adult learners, Missouri S&T attracts the state’s finest students as one of the nation’s top engineering and science schools. As an educational hub, this region enjoys a demographic diversity and a depth of intelligence reflected in our housing styles and quality.

Young and growing families in the region also have access to an array of excellent childcare options. Check out our list of Daycares in Phelps County for more information.

We have the blueprint

Affordable prices, superb selection, stable values. Phelps County is move-in ready.

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