A laboratory for success. An incubator of opportunity.

As a region that is home to nationally leading players in the fields of science and technology, Rolla understands that progress is most effectively produced in a professional, collaborative environment where one success builds on another. That’s how we work at the Rolla Regional Economic Commission (RREC).

The RREC understands success is not the result of accidents or luck—unless luck is defined as preparation meeting opportunity. Just as in a laboratory, a region’s economic success can be grown and promoted through the right conditions (a pro-business setting, for example) and the use of the right tools (like high-value incentives.) Those are our goals, which we address through two major pathways:

Leadership: As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated exclusively to the economic development of Phelps County and the Rolla-St. James region, the RREC operates with a clear mission, supported by committed, professional leadership. That means the RREC is here to assist in every way possible, working with deliberate speed and with the ability and desire to facilitate opportunity for companies of varied size from varied sectors. We are here to assist local industrial based companies as well as global corporations. Along with our partners, Missouri S&T, we welcome and encourage innovative entrepreneurs and help provide for their needs.

Partnership: World-class research depends on the efforts of a cohesive team, and world-class economic development is no different. A scroll through the RREC membership list reveals well over a dozen leading civic and business entities.

Rolla-St. James stakeholders are engaged and active in promoting the success of our region. Our board members are prominent in both their community positions and their support for incoming and existing businesses.

Development partners come from both the public and private sectors, because like the region’s researchers, RREC believes in evidence, and evidence shows that public/private cooperation brings results.

Ultimately, it’s results that count most, and the RREC stands for results, for your business and for our region.